Pedestrian Struck At Intersection Of Franklin and Columbia

04/29/13 02:20 PM

Police Dogs Play Key Role In Drug And Bomb Detection

04/29/13 01:23 PM

Chapel Hill Celebrates 140 West Grand Opening

04/26/13 11:26 PM

2nd Annual Jason Ray Brunch Set For Sunday

04/26/13 01:59 PM

As Chapel Hill Grows, Affordable Housing Disappears

04/25/13 08:26 PM

Wealth Disparity In Chapel Hill: A Widening Gap

04/25/13 08:06 PM

AOL Co-Founder, Steve Case, To Be UNC Commencement Speaker

04/24/13 05:11 PM

Pay For Play In College Sports Gaining Momentum

04/23/13 11:00 AM

Chancellor Holden Thorp Says He Didn't Know Enough To Run College Sports

04/19/13 09:46 PM

Chancellor-Elect Question And Answer Session With Media

04/12/13 09:32 PM

$250 Park And Ride Fee Coming To Chapel Hill

04/11/13 08:53 PM

News Around Town: Another Rabies Case Reported; Lane Closures Coming Up In April

04/05/13 05:46 PM

Possible Changes For Hillsborough's Historic Whitted Building

04/05/13 01:06 PM

Lee Scholars School Board Chair Answers Questions About Future Plans

04/01/13 11:53 AM

OC Officials Look To Help Job Seekers Find EMS Careers

03/30/13 12:17 PM

UNC BoT Addresses Issues Facing The University

03/28/13 04:49 PM

UNC To Host Round Table Discussion About Athletics And Higher Education

03/28/13 04:17 PM

Thursday Marks National Day to Demand Action And End Gun Violence

03/27/13 05:05 PM

Miscommunication Behind Painted-Over Mural, But No Hard Feelings

03/27/13 04:15 PM

UNC BoT To Meet, Will Discuss Future Of UNC

03/26/13 04:37 PM

CHTC To Consider Park And Ride Fees

03/24/13 10:38 PM

Carrboro Town Leaders Take Steps To Better Parking

03/24/13 11:30 AM

Rep. David Price Meeting With Constituents Sat. At Flyleaf

03/22/13 11:22 AM

CIC Powwow To Honor Faith Hedgepeth Saturday

03/21/13 06:23 PM

New Athletic Tutoring Director Says She's Ready For UNC

03/20/13 06:38 PM

UNC BoT Holds Emergency Meeting

03/18/13 04:52 PM

Despite Recent Successes, CH Mayor Warns Of Financial Woes Ahead

03/11/13 11:12 PM

CHCCS Board Focuses On Classroom Size While Crafting 2013-14 Budget

03/07/13 11:34 PM

Students Hold Rally For Landen Gambill, Against Administration

03/01/13 05:59 PM

UNC Health Care Begins Construction On Facility In Former Border's Building

02/24/13 01:17 PM

Local Transportation Officials Work To Fight Train Safety Problems

02/09/13 10:08 AM

UNC Assistant AD Reflects On His Super Bowl Experience

02/02/13 09:24 PM

CHTC To Vote In New Member On Wednesday

01/22/13 02:01 AM

Carrboro Looks To Market Town Message

01/21/13 04:01 AM

Council Applicant Profiles: Kahn, Palmer and Shah

01/08/13 12:32 AM

"Speed Competition" Charges Filed In Sat's Fatal Auto Wreck

12/31/12 08:03 PM

New CHCCS Board Chair Prepares For A Busy 2013

12/24/12 02:06 PM

Martin On AFAM: "This Is Not An Athletic Scandal...It's Academic"

12/20/12 06:02 PM

"Character Face": I'll Revive Clown College, If Only In My Dreams

12/12/12 08:16 PM

Local Youth Tappers To Perform Friday At Kennedy Center

12/06/12 03:17 PM

Two Unopposed BOCC Candidates Will See Busy Election Day

11/05/12 12:01 PM

Foushee Raises Big Money For House District 50

11/04/12 09:42 PM

Michelle Obama Makes Campaign Stop To Encourage Early Voting

10/16/12 04:53 PM

Another Shooting Incident In The Hillsborough Area

10/12/12 09:00 AM
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